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Welcome to Greystone Land....

Project 48-8799RM    I Started GreystoneLand in 1994 with the goal of finding distressed properties on which to build. I eventually did build on a few of the properties but I found that I could pass on buildable lots or restorable improved property to people who were unable to find these on their own. The majority of distressed properties (those in foreclosure or tax default) are really not very usable. Sure you can spend a million dollars running power and water ten miles to your lot, so you can build that hundred thousand dollar home. But that is crazy. Most of the 'cheap' properties for sale online are just that, cheap, despite what the seller may infer.

   I Focus on Searching Out Truly Usable Properties by determining access to utilities or subsurface water resources, government regulations and access. I can't guarantee that you will not hit any snags, but you cannot determine if you are able to build without going thru the planning process, and even then it is up for debate if you get a no. Project 30-2246ST I am happy to assist in working your way thru the system, if you reach that point. But having a lot that is properly positioned or has the true potential to be improved is 90% of the battle and will appreciate in value while the useless lots will only cycle thru the distressed system over and over selling for about the same amount every time. Where is the profit in that? After all, the goal is to either build or hold and when you are ready to sell you want to make a profit and if you decide to build, you want to actually be able to without breaking the bank, right? These are the types of properties we seek out and offer to you (the good ones, I mean!).

   I Have Spent Almost Twenty Five Years roaming around my local counties looking at properties. With some tax auctions I have spent weeks looking at two to three thousand properties only to walk away without bidding on a one as there was nothing worth buying. Feel free to do the same, and if you have technical questions about distressed properties or a question about a specific property, feel free to ask, I am happy to help out (assuming I am familiar with that area). It blows me away to see parcels up for auction, on sites such as eBay and CraigsList, where the photos and descriptions are nothing like the actual property and the seller stating "What a great and usable property it is". One tip is that just because the parcel map shows a road, it my not actually be there! There are some lots up in the mountains where the road ends a mile from the lot! Good luck getting to those....

Project 32-0879Q    So Take a Look at what I have up for sale, there are not many lots or houses but they are good ones. If you have any questions regarding a certain piece of property, just want additional information or would like to make an offer then please contact me and I will be happy to help you. If you have a house or lot you want to sell, I may be interested in that also, so drop a line and we can talk.

   Thanks for taking the time to visit us and I hope I can help you out ~ either now or in the future. ->Bob